Practice Areas

Tax Planning


Tax planning is indeed an art and like most great works of art takes time and skill. At LOMR we utilize a mix of various types of strategies that range from basic to sophisticated when working with the client. These strategies can yield generous tax savings to physicians, surgeons, attorneys, pharmaceutical sales reps, senior executives, and successful business owners.  In the world of tax strategies there are indeed basic strategies that every CPA knows, however due to lack of personnel reasons or budget restrains these strategies go underutilized.  Outside of the basic strategies are indeed the more sophisticated tax strategies that must be carefully analyzed for each client as these strategies require tailoring them to meet the needs of the client.  


Wills, Trust & Probate Administration

LOMR can assist family members in settling a decedent’s estate through probate administration.  Probate Administration is the process whereby after the passing of a loved one the legal process to wrap up all of the decedent's affairs take place.  This is often a delicate time for family members and thus a compassionate attorney can help during this time. 


Family Law



If you and your spouse have determined that your marriage is no longer viable please contact us so we can represent you affordably and make sure you receive what you are entitled to. Often times the marital estate is split between husband, wife and attorney.  You and your spouse have not worked hard to amass your wealth just to give a portion away to your attorney. Have you been asked to sign a prenuptial agreement, if yes please do not sign without advice from counsel. 


There are a number of nuisances in the matter of transferring property between parties.  Some conveyances have been declared void because the deed was not properly executed by the parties.  It is paramount to inquire with an attorney when conveying property.  There are basically two types of deeds that convey title to property.  The Quit Claim Deed and the Warranty Deed, both of which require different language to properly execute.  We work with your Title Company or real estate agent to make sure your intentions to convey the property are fully and completely executed.

Tax Resolution


LOMR can assist when the nation's largest law firm (IRS) has declared you to be an enemy of the state.  Whether you have received a notice for a delinquent tax payment or the Internal Revenue Service has levied your bank accounts, we can assist in eliminating the tax liability all together or negotiating on your behalf to make the payments reasonable.   We may be able to settle your IRS debt for pennies on the dollar.  If you have unfiled tax returns we can assist in preparing and filing your taxes to stop the accrual of interest. You now have the power of the attorney on your side for a very reasonable fee.



Business Structuring

​Starting a new business can be challenging and can have dire consequences if the wrong business structure is used.  There are a number of different entity classifications that can have a dramatic effect on the governance of the entity but also the tax consequences.  We offer services in structuring LLC's, PLLC's, S-Corp's, C-Corp's, Partnerships, and disregarding entities.  If you are about to start a business please call us for assistance. Moreover if you want to wrap up a business entity we can assist.


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