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The Mission of our firm is to serve the community we live and conduct business in by allowing clients access to the legal market at affordable fees.  Further our Mission extends to our clients by serving and protecting our client's rights, zealously advocating on our client's behalf and opposing all parties with adverse positions to our clients.

In serving clients inside and outside of the state of Florida our firm has adopted a virtual legal office.  In essence, a virtual legal office allows clients to transact business with our firm by communicating using social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn, email, and to transfer files securely through cloud based programs.  Hence although we maybe hundreds and in some cases thousands of miles away we are only a press of a button away.  We offer in office meetings by appointment only as a means of keeping our overhead down and our fees affordable.

A great portion of our legal business is conducted in house and is conducted personally by Mr. Marcus A. Rogers.  However, do to the variety of skills required and expert knowledge base needed, our firm will often follow the role as an intermediary between our client and third party vendors.  Third party vendors are necessary to bring a full family office service to our clients.  Throughout the course of Mr. Rogers' career he has had the opportunity to meet some exceptional professionals in different and similar fields. Our firm has relationships with Certified Financial Planners, CPA's, Attorneys, Bankers, Retirement Executive, Federal and State governmental personnel and others.  It is imperative that our client know that their interests are paramount to us and that our ethical, legal, and fiduciary duties will never be compromised while working with any third party vendors.  We are passionate about our clients and truly respect our professional relationship with all of our clients. 


When working a case whether it is a tax planning or conveyancing issue our firm will always use the best efforts to deliver the expected outcome for our client.  As you are aware there are only two certainties that can be guaranteed to exist on this earth and that is death and taxes.  As a professional firm we are sometimes asked by clients what guarantees can we give them.  Although we would love to say tax strategy 1 is 100% guaranteed to work that would be a lie and we are not in the business of lying to our clients.  The truth of the matter is no professional firm can guarantee a specific outcome simply because there are too many moving pieces.  Now is there a high level of certainty that tax strategy 1 will work, yes.  Consider the situation where a patient is going in for a routine appendectomy, no surgeon will guarantee the surgery as it is foolish, unprofessional and unheard of.  Hence if you are working with similar tax saving professionals that offer guaranteed results please thread carefully as this may be a ploy of sorts.  There are a lot of tax saving professionals in the market today that take advantage of their clients.  LOMR's claim to fame is treating clients fairly and more importantly pricing the service fairly.  Our fees will always be either a flat fee or a hourly billing structure. LOMR fee structure as it relates to tax planning will never encompass a contingency fee.  In tax planning a contingency fee is prohibited by Circular 230.  Any firm that charges its clients based on the amount of estimated tax savings to be generated is charging a contingency fee which is not in line with the actual work projected to be done.  As a client you should be very cautious of these types of professional tax saving firms.


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